“Therapy without the Drama” with Kairo Maynard

Finding Your Forté. Just an introspective conversation with people from various business, skill and talent backgrounds; exploring their motivations, experiences and opinions all things business, life and everything in between. Kick back and take in how others have started, sustained but also failed with some of their endeavours. Learn how they found their forté and maybe even spark your forté.

This episode I sit down with Kairo Maynard, who works within the field of mental health as a qualified Dramatherapist. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Kairo and understanding a perspective on mental health and treatment that would be fair to say isn’t quite commonly known about. Through the conversation, we delve into the field of Dramatherapy as an alternative yet highly effective form of therapy while also understand what Kairo’s own experience was like during her attainment. From covering topics such as being assigned a therapist herself, perspectives on how we talk about mental health but also shedding light on just how important it is for people, particularly young people to talk about their mental wellbeing. A really insightful conversation, in which I hope will allow a refreshed understanding of what drama therapy is about and understanding the therapist behind the therapy.

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