“No Heels Allowed” with Jojo (Recess)

Finding Your Forté. Just an introspective conversation with people from various business, skill and talent backgrounds; exploring their motivations, experiences and opinions all things business, life and everything in between. Kick back and take in how others have started, sustained but also failed with some of their endeavours. Learn how they found their forté and maybe even spark your forté.

This episode I sit down with Jojo, who I’ve previously sat down with (Episode 9), where we follow up and discuss 18 months on to see how things have evolved with all his endeavours. Particularly, relating to the events side of things and Recess, which is a regular party night in London offering a fresh take to the partying scene. But beyond that, we get into discussing what it’s like navigating the London nightlife scene, speaking to venues and the frustrations that have come along the way. A really great convo, and especially seeing how things have changed from affirmation in the first meeting to actualisation 18 months on.

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